MY little concierge

Pikaboo provides families several services

1.Discover Paris with my bilingual nanny
it is to accompany children during their visits of tourist attractions (museums, tourist areas of Paris, Churches, Wood Paris, and Small Farms near the city).In order to provide a more specialised level of service to its most exigent Families, Pikaboo created a childcare service delivered by an educational specialists. Our specialists will be your child’s personal guide in museums and historical locations, your child’s sport teacher in tennis, golf or horse riding, his music professor and gave him painting lessons. And during special events, he or she
will become his most discreet chaperon. Our specialists are carefully selected to meet your highest expectations.
To ensure irreproachable references, we have built partnerships with English and American schools as wells as many more institutions. The speakers will discuss the language chosen by the family.

2.Bilingual child care in Hotel
Pikaboo provides to hotels its best bilingual speakers. To match the picture of each hotel, our high-end company provided outfits for each nanny.

Pikaboo will delight families, with world-class service and child-friendly flourishes they could never anticipate. There will be charming moments to savour, because we understand that the smallest of gestures can be the most memorable.

Because every child is unique, Pikaboo created the
special location package which includes the rental of one
of the most exceptional venues* the French capital has to
offer. Private Gardens, museums, Eiffel Tour or Disneylands,
the venue will be specifically chosen to compliment your
child’s personality. Allow us to help you choose the
perfect venue!

3.My best day
Tea parties, treasure hunts, or a birthday surrounded by
his favourite animals in a farm, Pikaboo helps your child
create his most memorable events making his dream and most
cherished desires a reality. Based on your budget, we organise
creative events animated by our bilingual activity leaders.

4.Rent a bed, a bouncer and a stroller
Pikaboonanny rent baby beds, strollers and bouncers

24 hours on 24 hours, our concierge service is set up to answer all the demands of parents:
-contact the specialized doctors
-contact the most beautiful children’s addresses
-rechearch special objet

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