My english nanny

Pikaboo combines elements of the standard child care services with the learning of a second language through educational activities and play. Based on the parents’ desired language, our child-minders will accompany your child through the study of a new language. To ensure the smooth learning experience of a foreign language to your child, our child-minders are specifically chosen for their native speaking abilities as well as their level of education. Our childminders are American,
English, Russian, Brazilian, Chinese, or Spanish and more.

Our prices
from 22€ per hour for children under 3 years childminders are recommended
Our prices: from 30€ per hour
Specialised bilingual childcare

In order to provide a more specialised level of service to its most exigent Families, Pikaboo created a childcare service delivered by an educational specialists. Our specialists will be your child’s personal guide in museums and historical locations, your child’s sport teacher in tennis, golf or horse riding, his music professor and gave him painting lessons. And during special events, he or she will become his most discreet chaperon. Our specialists are carefully selected to meet your highest expectations. To ensure irreproachable references, we have built partnerships with English and American schools as wells as many more institutions.

Our prices: from 30€ per hour

My nanny with me around the world

Because your child deserves the best attention at all times, our child-minders accompany your child to any part of the globe.

Our price: from 100 euros per day

Please note, that this does not include transportationcosts or any other costs for the child-minder.

Youppie! The company Pikaboo being beneficiary of approval (SAP790383590), customers can receive a discount or tax deduction of 50% and using a cif(the paje).

Conditions: it must be imposed in France, enjoy at least 16 hours of courses or home care per month.

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