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Important: in France it is forbidden to take money from someone to find a job.
So your registration with us is totally free.

Pikaboonanny recruits nannies, language teachers, au pairs and nannies with talent throughout the year:
-we are looking for English native nannies: salary(from 10 to 15 euros net per hour).
-we are looking for aupairs: salary(from 100 euros to 200 euros per week).
-we are looking for nannies with talents(teachers, guides, Musicians, athletes, artists):
salary(fom 15 euros net to 25 euros).

Why work for Pikaboonanny?

We give a good salary
-We help our stakeholders in the event of housing problems
-We Help Our Stakeholders in Achieving Scientific Safety
-we offer 50% of transport costs.

If you want to work as a nanny or babysitter you will keep children from 1 year to 13 years, while teaching them a second language and in a fun way.
According to your wish, you will work part-time or full-time.
If you want to work as a teacher, you will teach classes to children, adolescents, and adults

  • Notes: We can not hire you if you are not allowed to work in France.
  • Youppie! Publicize Pikaboonanny with your friends and family and get 50 euros for each job.

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